Indian doctor duped into buying ‘Aladdin’s lamp’ for 3.1 million rupees

"Aladdin's lamp"
The "Aladdin's lamp" in the fairy tale has turned out to be a method used by scammers to defraud others of money! The victim doctor fell into a trap because he was convinced that there were spirits in the magic lamp.

The “Aladdin’s lamp” in the fairy tale has turned out to be a method used by scammers to defraud others of money! The victim fell into a trap because he was convinced that there were spirits in the magic lamp.

A doctor in Uttar Pradesh in western India bought the lamp for 3.1 million rupees (approximately RM 172,300). This is because he was induced to have spirits in the “magic lamp” that could bring health and wealth.

According to a report from New Delhi Television (NDTV) in India, the fraudsters originally asked the doctor to pay a huge amount of 15 million rupees (approximately RM8,616,500) after persuading the doctor to believe the authenticity of the magic lamp.

New Delhi Television (NDTV)

New Delhi Television (NDTV)

The report pointed out that the doctor, after realizing he was deceived, reported to the police on October 25, and the police subsequently arrested two men.

The police are currently looking for the third suspect, a woman disguised as a patient, and introduced the victim to the man.

The doctor told the police that he came into contact with the two men after seeing the “sick mother”.

‘Aladdin’s lamp’

The doctor said: “They started telling me about they had visited a man named Baba (a man of god). They started brainwashing me and asked me to meet this Baba.”

He also said that Baba would create some rituals and miracles, and was told that “Aladdin” could make him a billionaire.

That “Aladdin” really appeared in front of you

“On one visit,’Aladdin’ really showed up in front of me. I didn’t know who that person was at the time. I later realized that’Aladdin’ was a pretend of the suspect.”

The report said that although the fraudsters collected money from the doctor in instalments. They did not allow the doctor to take the lamp because it was unlucky to touch the lamp.

The scammers also told the doctor that the magic lamp should not be used within 6 months. Otherwise, the elves would destroy their family.

The police have seized a large number of golden lights, and believe that the suspect used similar fraudulent methods everywhere.

According to the police, the scammer’s modus operandi was to first show the power of the “Aladdin’s magic lamp” to the victim. Thus winning the trust of the victim.

'Aladdin's lamp'

‘Aladdin’s lamp’

The police also said that in some cases, scammers would first bury the money in a secluded place. After that they ask the victim to dig it there to convince the victim to believe in the power of the magic lamp.

Aladdin’s lamp

The story tells the story of a poor young bastard named Aladdin, who was invited by a magician from the Maghreb in the “Western Lands” (who pretended to be Aladdin’s uncle) to go to a cave with traps Take a magical oil lamp. When the magician was about to use Aladdin further, Aladdin found him trapped in a cave.

Fortunately, Aladdin still had a magic ring lent to him. Aladdin rubbed his hands in despair and happened to rub the ring, bursting out an elf. The elf took him home, and Aladdin took the oil lamp back. Just as his mother was about to clean the oil lamp, suddenly the oil lamp burst out a more powerful elf, waiting for the master’s call at any time. With the help of the elves, Aladdin became rich and powerful and married the princess Badrobador. The elves even built a beautiful palace for Aladdin, even more magnificent than the emperor’s palace.



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