Amazon opens Alexa AI technology for the first time

Amazon opens Alexa AI technology

AI technology: Amazon will now allow third-party companies to access the core artificial intelligence. That is  Alexa digital assistant, a first for the company’s AI platform.

Integration of Alexa Tech

Amazon is allowing companies to build skills for Alexa. Besides, it also allows the consumer electronic device maker to integrate Alexa.

By doing this, it will allow automobile manufacturers and companies with a need for a digital voice assistant. Therefore, it can more control over the software experience.

Difficult process

Building an intelligent assistant is difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Next, the changes are fast and the improvement is getting smarter. Therefore, it requires substantial ongoing investments.

Thus, Amazon says companies will get access to custom wake words. This operation uses “the same state-of-the-art process” that is developing new Alexa wake words.

Amazon has struck some deals with carmakers. Recently, they are with Lamborghini and electric vehicle startup Rivian at CES 2021. The purpose is for direct Alexa integrations.

In fact, Amazon has strategically worked on mobile phones. In order to find out the main position in the smart home.

They are trying to have a better position in Alexa as a built-in solution in environments

 Amazon opens Alexa AI technology

Amazon has strategically worked on mobile phones. In order to find out the main position in the smart home.


The carmaker Fiat Chrysler (FCA) has Alexa assistant, which has had an ongoing relationship with Amazon to integrate some of its technology,

Open for other sectors

Amazon also wants to give all companies, not just the automakers. They will provide a faster, cheaper, and less complex route to building their own voice experiences.

Benefits of Alexa Tech

Alexa Custom Assistant also lets the custom’s AI products stay in control of and dictate information about special features.

Besides, Alexa can handle more general app-related requests like music playback and directions.


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Amazon opens Alexa AI tech for the first time so car makers can build custom assistants


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