How AI plays an important role in education during COVID-19


Lately, one of the categories that is undoubtedly influenced by the Covid-19 crisis is higher education. It imperceptibly brings the challenges and hinders the learning pathway. Nevertheless, technology has become the solution to curdle the problems. Universities are constrained to adapt and familiarize with the available technologies.

The rapid change over can be problematic due to improper preparation and planning. The chance of e-learning for getting success by transferring from face-to-face to virtual learning very much depends on mindset readiness, technological proficiency and a strong student support mechanism.

To implement successfully, there should be someone willing to come out with a proper communication protocol between lecturer and students. For instance, effective lesson design and clear instructions with well-organized procedures. Educators should adapt and understand the technological knowledge to familiarize the latest innovations to facilitate the learning process.

The extension of e-learning content has been provided with comfortable learning environments by implementing the AI interactive interface platform. For instance, chatbots, AI content creators and AI video-based learning. These advanced technologies could interpret data faster, evaluate student performance and hence developing a personalized curriculum which suitable for each student.

Chatbots have been used in education to facilitate the conducive learning environment.

Benefits of using AI

1) It has a lot of processed data designed to make administrative tasks easier and faster as well as more efficient to execute and complete.

2) It can help to save the educator’s time by evaluating the grade automatically.

3) AI systems are able to digest vast amounts of marketing data analytics from respective platforms in relatively quick turnaround time.

4) The student enrollment and admission process can be significantly improved with the application of an AI system.

5) The new and dynamic online learning system will evolve and improve as it accumulates more learning data which will be processed, analyzed and applied.

In a nutshell, AI technologies and big data in the hands of well-equipped educators will be the new trend of a higher education ecosystem in the future.


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Bigger role for AI amidst Covid-19 crisis

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