6 effective ways to improve problem-solving ability

6 effective ways to improve problem-solving ability

There are 6 ways to improve problem-solving ability which are focus on solutions, not problems, use 5 reasons to clearly define the problem, simplify things, list as many solutions as possible, thinking laterally and use language that creates possibilities.

Focus on solutions, not problems

Neuroscientists have proven that if you focus too much on the problem itself, the brain cannot find a solution. This is because when you focus on the problem, you are actually instilling “negative emotions” in yourself, which in turn activates the negative emotions in your brain. They will hinder your potential solutions.

I am not saying that you should “ignore this issue”-but try to stay calm. We must first realize the problem, and then turn our attention to the mentality of solving the problem. In this mentality, you will focus on the “answer to the question” instead of entangled in “what went wrong” and “who is at fault”.

Use 5 reasons to clearly define the problem

By repeatedly asking “why”, you can explore the root cause of the problem, so you can find the best way to solve the problem. (It can be deeper than just asking five times.) For example:

Problem: always late for work

  1. Why am I late for work?
  2. Because after I turned off the alarm, I went to sleep again.
  3. Why do I want to keep sleeping?
  4. Because I feel very tired in the morning and can’t get up.
  5. Why am I so tired in the morning?
  6. Because I slept very late last night.
  7. Why am I sleeping late?
  8. Because I drank a cup of coffee at dusk, then kept reading Moments/Tik Tok, and then I couldn’t stop.
  9. Why do I drink coffee?

Because I was too sleepy at work in the afternoon and I didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

So you can see that if you are not trying to find the root cause of the problem, all you may have to do is to set a few more alarms and let it ring many times in the morning. But in fact, the problem you need to solve is not to use Douyin endlessly at night, and don’t drink coffee near night, so that you will feel more energetic during the day.

Simplify things

As human beings, we tend to make various things more complicated than themselves! So you need to simplify your question by induction.

Remove all the details and return to the basic state. Try to find a simple and obvious solution-you may be more surprised by the results than before! We all know that simple things are often the most effective.

List as many solutions as possible

Try to think about “all possible solutions”-even if some of them seem ridiculous. The important point here is that you keep an open mind to promote creative thinking, because creative thinking can stimulate potential solutions in your brain.

If you have worked in the advertising industry for a long time, you must know that “no creativity” is a terrible thing because it helps creative thinking in brainstorming and other problem-solving techniques.

No matter what you do-never laugh at yourself for coming up with “stupid solutions”, because these crazy ideas often trigger other more feasible solutions.

Thinking laterally

Change the “direction” of your thinking through lateral thinking. Pay attention to this proverb,

You cannot dig holes of the same depth in different locations (that is, you cannot make mistakes on the same issue).

Try to change your approach and look at things in a new way. You can try to change your goals and find a solution to the opposite!

Even if it feels silly, a new and unique method usually stimulates the creation of a new solution.

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Use language that creates possibilities

Use short sentences such as “what if” and “what if…” to guide your thinking. These terms can broaden our brains, think creatively, and encourage solutions.

Avoid using closed negative language, such as “I don’t think…” or “This is wrong…”.

At last

When you start to adopt my advice, the problem will not be so terrible.

Don’t think of problems as “terrible” things! If you think about it, what is a problem? This is really just feedback on your current situation.

All the questions are telling you that some things are currently useless and you need to find a new alternative.

So try to deal with the problem in a neutral manner-without any judgment. Practice focusing on how to define the problem, stay calm and don’t make things too complicated.

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