5G will transform smart transportations in cities by 2021

Nowadays, there is much news surrounding 5G technology. This news mostly about how it will change the internet speeds for computers and smartphones. However, many people have not yet noticed the benefits of 5G towards a vast range of internet-powered devices and application. These benefits can even change how our society works.

What is 5G?

First and foremost, it is the fifth generation of cellular technology. Next, it can deliver data 10 to 100 times faster than LTE. It also can cut latency, a lag or delay that happens in data communication over a network. Additionally, 5G allows us to leverage the full potential of advanced technologies as it can connect to almost everything around us. These technologies include virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and of course, smart transportation.

How 5G transform smart transportation?

Decrease commute times

5G can reduce transportation time. Today, IoT Business News stated that most transportation agencies rely on outdated schedules and technology. As a result, poorly-times lights often occur and lengthen commute times. Not to mention that it also waste the fuel of drivers as they need to stop at red lights.

5G can help by allowing traffic lights to receive real-time data about the traffic patterns from various devices. With this, traffic lights will be more responsive to actual traffic and reduce unnecessary traffic jams.

According to Carnegie Mellon University, they have tested this kind of technology and found a 40% decrease in traffic stops, a 21% drop in emissions, and 26% faster commute.

Driverless cars

Autonomous cars require incredible data processing capabilities and therefore they need a much faster network. 5G can fulfil this requirement. It is able to accommodate the vast amount of data by handling, processing, and analyzing the sensors found in self-driving vehicles.

Big-name companies are working on the chip’s development that can turn autonomous vehicles into mobile data centres. This will allow these vehicles to make real-time, more precise decisions. When 5G enters this field, it can open up to many exciting possibilities.

Enhance traffic safety

5G can provide road weather services, carrying out road maintenance, but most importantly, it is able to reduce accidents. 5G can assist automated systems by collecting driver’s data automatically and send to other road users.

With this, everyone on the road can access important information, including warnings on hazy weather, fallen trees and so on. This can then help drivers to choose other routes while driving.


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How 5G will transform smart transportation in cities in 2021

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