5 weird facts about Pikachu cartoon

pikachu cartoon

Pikachu somehow symbolizes Pokémon and it is also one of the franchise’s most popular characters. Pikachu is one of the most well-known characters throughout our childhood with merchandise and a longstanding role in the anime.

There are some fun facts about Pikachu cartoon that casual fans might not be aware of. Here are some examples:

Pikachu cartoon has various forms

It is a Pokémon that is quite rich in alternate forms, getting just about everything except a huge evolution. For instance, Pikachu has gender dimorphism where female Pokémon have tails that end in a black heart shape. There also exists the cap and cosplay Pikachu cartoon. Pikachu also has a special Gigantamax form in Galar that is very rare.

Pikachu are actually rare

According to an early chapter of Pokémon Adventures, Pikachu is not a common Pokémon. They are only a few in numbers and exceptionally rare, according to Red’s Pokédex in that chapter.

Pikachu is currently doing well, they are used in every single game in the series and are home-grown to almost every region. After all, the good news is Lapras is making a comeback.

Pikachu stores electricity in its cheeks

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This fact is based on Pokédex entries. What people don’t know is that Pikachu can also generate its own electricity, it actually recharges during sleep time. The fact that they can get overcharged makes them need to discharge electricity to remain healthy.

Apparently, Pikachu can use its electricity in cooking, communicating with other electric Pokémons, battling and making thunderstorms when gathered in big groups.

Pikachu was the very first Electric-type Pokémon

Pikachu was the first Electric Pokémon and it went through a few iterations. The early prototype of Pikachu is based on daifuku, a Japanese dessert.

The main focus of the design is to become everyone’s favourite electric mouse and makes it appealing to children around the world, so the design remains cute. The major contributing factor is Pikachu’s yellow body that is easily recognizable to children.


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