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Covid-19 has created a new normal – work from home. Everyone is forced to communicate with video conferences, group messages, and email instead of face-to-face communication all of a sudden. To make things worse, many people have encountered some problems and incidents due to being unfamiliar with these online tools. With these mishaps in mind, it’s hard to relax when using these tools. Therefore, making colleagues, business partners, and clients comfortable and like us have become a new topic for us. Here are the five simple ways.


In 1936, American writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie published a book named ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. This book then went viral, making it one of the most popular business books of all time.

In this book, Carnegie pointed out the importance of smiling. He said that when you seem pleased to meet others, others will feel the same too. This tip is especially useful during video conferences as you can charm 10 or 20 people for the price of one.

Find common ground

People often find it easier to bond with others through shared experiences. We might not realize we are doing it sometimes, but we cannot deny that finding common ground is one of the first steps to being charming.

While all of us are experiencing a new normal, we sure will have some topics related to the pandemic to discuss.

Be ready

According to Sally Hogshead, a former advertising executive and author of Fascinate, she said that Zoom calls are not meant to kill time. She then expressed that they are meant to grow connections and build ideas. Therefore, preparing for a virtual meeting is utterly important.

How to prepare? If you are meeting a stranger, you can start with online research. For instance, find out what is their hobby, and what motivates or interests them. You can also write down some notes first so it is easier for you to refer back during video conferencing.

Besides, knowing the feature of the software you are using and use them to your advantage is vital. For example, if you are using Zoom for video conferencing, adding a virtual background: some funny backgrounds can make you a fun person. Virtual backgrounds can also block distractions and avoid your colleagues judging your home.

Give others credit for their achievements

Here is a piece of management advice. Giving people credits is one of the most effective ways of influencing them. If someone generates amazing ideas or makes an intelligent point during video conferencing, recognize and acknowledge them for their preparedness. However, avoid making ultra-common compliments as it will not have much impact on the person.

Tell stories

Telling stories has evolved as one of the effective ways to bond with others, transmitting information, and at the same time get to know more about the person. Psychologist Jerome Bruner believes in a world that is fulled of saturated information, the ability to craft a narrative is crucial as it can catch others’ attention. Once they are hooked, you can get to demonstrate yourself. Similarly, you can apply this method to video conferencing.


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