5 Global Companies Involved in Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, you will often find news on cryptocurrencies when surfing the internet. It has become a hot topic around the world.


Cryptocurrencies are considered highly speculative investments. However, with the big players entering the market shows that these currencies are going to be stable and will provide a steady income in the future.

As a result, many global companies have discovered the new trends of cryptocurrency and have started accepting it for their products and services. So, here are some examples of top companies involved in cryptocurrencies:


Firstly, IBM is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies. Currently, IBM is working on different projects on the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain. It offers many innovation resolutions by developing blockchain-based applications and software for other businesses.

Besides, IBM also offers smart contract services to different businesses. It is specially working on the Ethereum blockchain network, a great platform for developing decentralized applications and crypto tokens.


The second top company is Facebook. Facebook released its cryptocurrency in June 2020. It goes by the name of Libra. In addition, Facebook has a project called the Libra Associations where different companies have invested in the project for the development of the crypto project. It is the only digital currency project that has the highest corporate investment.

As a result, many people will compare Libra with the most renowned digital currency, Bitcoin. Nevertheless, some crypto experts stated that Libra is not a cryptocurrency as it breaks the rules of decentralization.

JP Morgan Chase

Thirdly, JP Morgan Chase is one of the leading investment banks in the world. Lately, the bank showed interest in the crypto industry and is planning to issue its digital currency for its customer’s transaction processes. This is because it is easier and more convenient when compare to the older transaction method.

According to some sources, JP Morgan Chase has created its coin name JPMCoin.

Arias Intel Corp

Next, Arial Intel Corp is a tech giant company majoring in mobile gaming and media. This company is currently creating a crypto coin called iNEO and is aiming to create the crypto coin for settling smart contracts. Furthermore, Arias Intel Corp is planning to use crypto coin for making payments for services.

This company will offer its cryptocurrencies in its apps and mobile games.


Besides, Walmart, the largest supply chain business of the world also showed interest in cryptocurrency. It was searching for a financial system for its customers and planning to release its crypto coin.

According to rumours, name of the coin goes by the name of WalmartCoin.

To conclude, the above companies are the top companies in the world. When these companies have started using cryptocurrencies, it is no doubt that the demand for cryptocurrencies will be high in the future.


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Five Global Companies Involved in Cryptocurrencies


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