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During the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce has gone through the roof where it led humans to spent more time on social media. This has also made video conferencing becoming the norm of nowadays society. Hence, it has majorly shifted the way that brands connect with their consumers.

So stepping into the New Year, here are some key trends of digital marketing that will continue to permeate in 2021:

1. Live-streams and the increasing of influencer content

Lockdown orders meant events were forced to cancel, and consumers cannot attend events physically. They weren’t even able to socialize with their friends and family.

This led to an increase in the number of people attending live-streams, whether it was branded live-stream, an online workshop or a live video.

During lockdown periods, live viewings on Facebook has raised up by 50%, while viewings on Instagram spiked by 70%. Furthermore, TikTok use has also surged in 2020, and it is likely to see this upward trajectory continue to play out in 2021.

Influencers also use Amazon Live to promote their products during live events. Moreover, viewers could make purchases while they were watching it.

2. More purpose-driven missions and goodwill from brands

Based on the 2021 Hootsuite Social Trends report, the smartest brands will find creative ways to fit into consumer’s lives through social media.

Brands have to dig deep to figure out how to flourish in turbulent times, like why they exist and who they serve. It will be a bigger emphasis for brands to do goodwill this year. For example, Hilton’s #HotelsForHeroes organizing campaigns to give away free rooms to medical workers and Chanel’s launching of face mask products.

3. Enhancing customers’ experience by UGC

Consumers normally want proof before purchasing products as they want to reassure their purchase is correct. From that, User-generated content (UGC) marks all requirements of connective content:

  • It builds and enhances communities
  • It’s relatable and uplifting
  • It enables brands to meet customers where they’re already hanging out
  • It helps brands produce tons more content against a backdrop of lockdown orders and restrictive measures

4. Emphasizing sustainability

As much as 81% of consumers think that companies should help improve the environment. Consumers nowadays are actively seeking out brands that are purpose-driven and care about the environment. Undeniably, it will be key for brands to reiterate their sustainability in 2021.

For example, The Ocean Cleanup has presented their first product made entirely from plastic collected from the Great PacificGarbage Patch. Moreover, they have outlined how the brand will continue to use recycled products from the ocean to create sustainable products.

5. Increase in visual and voice and visual search

More and more consumers are searching via voice-activated tools like Alexa. However, we can also expect other advanced search methods, like visual search that will prevail in 2021.

For example, Google Lens enables consumers to search using pictures or captured photos. This means marketers will have to focus more on image alt-text and sitemaps for images.


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