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Malaysia MCO
Petaling Jaya: Yesterday, 455 people were detained by the authorities over the Malaysia MCO-related offences, Senior Security Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.
He said that 427 of them were slapped with compound fines, while  27 individuals were arrested and one individual was released on police bail.

Non-Compliance With The SOP of Malaysia MCO

Most of the offences, Ismail said, were for non-compliance with SOPs, such as failure to maintain physical distance, visiting nightclubs, not wearing face masks, failure to record customer details on premises, as well as illegal crossing of districts or states.
A total of 2,779 enforcement task force teams were deployed to perform inspections at supermarkets, restaurants, hawker stalls, warehouses, banks, government offices, as well as terminals for ground, water and air transport, involving 13,544 workers.
“In a joint operation between different law enforcement agencies, the authorities have also arrested 28 foreigners, a smuggler, and seized three vehicles,” Ismail said.
Malaysia MCO

Mandatory Home Quarantine

Regarding the mandatory home quarantine, Ismail said that from July 24 to November 20, 72,062 individuals who arrived via KLIA were screened for Covid-19 and put under quarantine at various public and public learning institutes throughout Malaysia.
Some 404 individuals were sent to the hospital for treatment, while 61,262 individuals were able to return home. There are some 10,396 individuals undergoing mandatory quarantine.
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455 nabbed for breaching Malaysia MCO-related offences

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