3 billion parcels for delivery courier during post COVID Single’s day

Delivery Courier
With the arrival of the world’s largest shopping festival, Singles’ Day, delivery packages were piled up outside apartment buildings in Shenzhen. Photo: Techcrunch/Rita Liao

China’s e-commerce behemoths Alibaba and once again claimed to have set records in the world’s largest shopping event “Singles Day.” That means the heavy work of delivery courier is undoubtedly real and visible.

Reporters and analysts have long observe that these numbers are often to portray the bright prospects of sustainable growth. Therefore, during the COVID-19 period, these numbers are limited in measuring the performance of companies or the purchasing power of Chinese consumers.

From the second week of November, I noticed that packages began to pile up outside my apartment in Shenzhen City, waiting for the final delivery. The delivery courier came out of the elevator and threw away some boxes. These boxes has bought by shoppers at discounted prices or deceived by a carefully formulated sales formula before thinking that they were a good deal.

Singles’ Day

According to a notice from the State Post Bureau, when merchants start to ship after the pre-sale period. Singles’ Day will ship 2.97 billion packages in China. Compared with the previous year, it increased by 28%, which is twice the normal daily trading volume.

Delivery Courier

This also means that, on average, every person in China will get more than two packages during the shopping spree. They will also receive a large amount of e-commerce waste, from cardboard and tape to packaging foam. Both and Alibaba’s Cainiao logistics department have launched plans to make online shopping more sustainable.

Although coronavirus infections continue to rise in many countries, local transmission has rarely occurred in China for months. Both and Alibaba told TechCrunch. That this pandemic has a limited impact on the launch speed during Double Eleven this year.

Despite this, the two companies still deployed new rules to ensure safety and speed. For example, claimed that it disinfected delivery stations and trucks and required workers to wear masks and take daily temperature measurements. It is the current standard practice of the country’s logistics department. Pre-sale also allows it to allocate inventory to consumers in advance. It said that 93% of freight orders completed by its own logistics system were completed within 24 hours.

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China to ship 3 billion parcels during post-COVID Singles’ Day

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