2021 All-new Honda CRIDER with Sport Hybrid

Honda crider

Honda has already introduced its second generation of Crider. This new Honda Crider edition is expected to be launched in early 2021. This 2021 Crider edition will come out with some improvement in terms of design.

What’s New For 2021 Model Year?

The second generation of Honda Crider has grown 92mm long, 54mm wider and 4mm taller compared to the previous model.

The new model relies on the well-known Civic compact car, as well as on a subcompact model called City in terms of base design characteristics, which is firstly offered in India. The Crider is indeed bigger and features stretched wheelbase compared to these two models. It is about an inch longer compared to Civic. This puts Crider in a good position which coquettes between compact and mid-size segments.

Interior Design & Available Features

Same goes to the interior of the car. The 2020 Honda Crider features a quite attractive cabin full of nice materials, although it is a relatively affordable car.

Not only then, but the dashboard also looks very attractive. It is simple, but also very stylish, with a touchscreen in the center stack is indeed one of the highlights of this model. The screen includes a swipe, zoom, pinch feature, and also vibrant floor tiles between. In addition, Apple CarPlay and Android Automobile connections are also readily available with all trim degrees of the brand-new Cider.

The interior design of 2nd-gen Honda Crider.

Pricing & Availability

There are rumours stated that the new model is scheduled to make a debut by the end of this year, while India launch will take place in the first quarter of 2021. What’s more interesting is that it has patented the premium Crider sedan in India, USA, and Japan. As for the price, it seems to be reasonable as it will go slightly lower than 100,000 CNY.


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