20 Largest Companies in Malaysia 2020

largest companies in Malaysia 2020

2020 is a year of many disastrous events, with the biggest one being the COVID-19 pandemic. It has wreaked havoc on the economies of many countries. This has caused struggling companies to go bankrupt, and well-to-be companies to start struggling to stay afloat. However, there are some other companies that have done extraordinarily well during the pandemic.

Thanks to DivedendMagic, they have compiled the largest companies in Malaysia that have flourished well during the year. This information can help many investors out there who want to invest in the Malaysian stock market very well. It is also good to note these companies are listed on Bursa.

Largest companies in Malaysia: Hap Seng

20. Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad

Stock Symbol: HAPSENG [3034]

Market Cap: RM22.15 billion

Revenue: RM7.10 billion

Net Profit: RM1.22 billion

Coming in at number 20 is Hap Seng, most of you may know them as one of the dealers for Mercedes Benz via their subsidiary – Hap Seng Star.

In fact, Hap Seng has six main business divisions. Which are plantation, automotive, property, trading, credit financing and building materials.

Largest companies in Malaysia: KLK

19. Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad

Stock Symbol: KLK[2445]

Market Cap: RM24.56 billion

Revenue: RM15.53 billion

Net Profit: RM650.73 million

KLK is one of the most enormous plantation company in Malaysia. They focus mainly on both oil palm and rubber.

Besides plantation, KLK has interests in oleochemical and property development.

Largest companies in Malaysia: PPB group

18. PPB Group Berhad

Stock Symbol: PPB [4065]

Market Cap: RM24.72 billion

Revenue: RM4.68 billion

Net Profit: RM1.20 billion

Some of you may know this as Malaysia’s richest business magnate’s company – Robert Kuok’s.

PPB has interests in oil palm, agriculture, film (GSC Cinmenas), engineering and property development.

Largest companies in Malaysia: IOI group

17. IOI Corporation Berhad

Stock Symbol: IOICORP [1961]

Market Cap: RM27.47 billion

Revenue: RM7.39 billion

Net Profit: RM617.60 million

IOI Corp is another plantation player with interests in the property sector as well.

Largest companies in Malaysia: Nestle

16. Nestle (M) Berhad

Stock Symbol: NESTLE [4707]

Market Cap: RM32.62 billion

Revenue: RM5.52 billion

Net Profit: RM672.91 million

Nestle is in the consumer products sector and a household name in Malaysia. Brands like Milo, Maggi, Nescafe, KitKat all fall under the huge Nestle umbrella. It is very popular and many Malaysians consume their products daily.

Largest companies in Malaysia: Hong Leong bank

15. Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Stock Symbol: HLBANK [5819]

Market Cap: RM33.17 billion

Revenue: RM4.73 billion

Net Profit: RM2.66 billion

Hong Leong bank is the 4th largest bank by market cap in Malaysia. It has a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.

Largest companies in Malaysia: Axiata

14. Axiata Group Berhad

Stock Symbol: AXIATA [6888]

Market Cap: RM33.65 billion

Revenue: RM24.58 billion

Net Profit: RM1.82 billion

Axiata is a telecommunications company in Malaysia and if you don’t already know, Celcom is brought to you by Axiata.

Largest companies in Malaysia:

13. Berhad

Stock Symbol: DIGI [6947]

Market Cap: RM34.21 billion

Revenue: RM6.30 billion

Net Profit: RM1.43 billion

Another telecommunications company, Digi comes in at number 13. Traditionally, telecommunication stocks have been dividend darlings to investors.

Largest companies in Malaysia: Sime Darby

12. Sime Darby Plantation Berhad

Stock Symbol: SIMEPLT [5285]

Market Cap: RM34.42 billion

Revenue: RM12.06 billion

Net Profit: -RM47.00 million

With the recent split of the Sime Darby Group, Sime Darby Plantation remains in the top 20 companies in Malaysia.

They are currently the largest plantation company by market cap in Malaysia.

Largest companies in Malaysia: Petronas Gas

11. Petronas Gas Berhad

Stock Symbol: PETGAS [6033]

Market Cap: RM35.62 billion

Revenue: RM5.46 billion

Net Profit: RM1.98 billion

Petronas Gas is a part of Malaysia’s state-owned Petronas Group. The company has interests in gas processing, gas transportation, LNG regasification and utilities.

Largest companies in Malaysia: MISC

10. MISC Berhad

Stock Symbol: MISC [3816]

Market Cap: RM36.51 billion

Revenue: RM8.96 billion

Net Profit: RM1.44 billion

MISC is in the business of providing international energy-related maritime solutions and services. Main interests include LNG shipping, petroleum shipping, operation of offshore floating solutions, marine and heavy engineering, and port management.

Largest companies in Malaysia: CIMB group

9. CIMB Group Holdings Berhad

Stock Symbol: CIMB [1023]

Market Cap: RM39.20 billion

Revenue: RM17.80 billion

Net Profit: RM4.46 billion

Malaysia’s third largest bank by market cap.

It has subsidiaries in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, as well as branches in Singapore, the Philippines, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Laos and representative offices in Yangon and Mumbai.

A fun and perhaps valuable fact is that CIMB owns Touch n’ Go and the e-wallet Boost.

Largest companies in Malaysia: Maxis

8. Maxis Berhad

Stock Symbol: MAXIS [6012]

Market Cap: RM42.00 billion

Revenue: RM9.31 billion

Net Profit: RM1.52 billion

Malaysia’s largest telecommunications company. Maxis provides other digital services as well apart from its bread and butter – coverage.

Largest companies in Malaysia: Hartalega

7. Hartalega Holdings Berhad

Stock Symbol: HARTA [5168]

Market Cap: RM42.15 billion

Revenue: RM2.92 billion

Net Profit: RM435.83 million

Malaysia’s 2nd largest glove maker just behind Top Glove. They produce nitrile, latex and OEM gloves.

Glove makers are in the top 20 right now because of market enthusiasm.

largest companies in Malaysia: Top glove

6. Top Glove Corporation Berhad

Stock Symbol: TOPGLOV [7113]

Market Cap: RM44.29 billion

Revenue: RM4.80 billion

Net Profit: RM373.61 million

Top Glove is not only the largest in Malaysia. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of gloves.

Apart from gloves, the company’s product range comprises of condoms, dental dams and exercise bands.

Glove makers are in the top 20 right now because of market enthusiasm.

largest companies in Malaysia: IHH healthcare

5. IHH Healthcare Berhad

Stock Symbol: IHH [5225]

Market Cap: RM48.27 billion

Revenue: RM14.91 billion

Net Profit: RM514.84 million

If you’ve been to a hospital, chances are it is owned by IHH.

Their brands include Gleneagles, Mount Elizabeth, Pantai Hospitals, Parkway and Fortis.

IHH has a presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and India. The Group also has a growing presence in Greater China. They also have an expanding network across Asia and Central and Eastern Europe.

IHH is one of the largest healthcare groups in the world by market capitalisation and are listed on the Main Markets of Bursa Malaysia and the Singapore Stock Exchange.

largest companies in Malaysia: Petronas Chemicals

4. Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad

Stock Symbol: PCHEM [5183]

Market Cap: RM53.60 billion

Revenue: RM16.37 billion

Net Profit: RM2.80 billion

PChem is another subsidiary under Malaysia’s state-owned Petronas. Its operations include the manufacturing, marketing and selling of a variety of petrochemicals.

largest companies in Malaysia: Public Bank

3. Public Bank Berhad

Stock Symbol: PBBANK [1295]

Market Cap: RM66.93 billion

Revenue: RM22.45 billion

Net Profit: RM5.58 billion

Public Bank is not the 2nd largest bank in Malaysia, ahead of CIMB. Founded by Malaysia’s 5th richest man – Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow.

A fun fact – Public Bank owns Public Mutual.

largest companies in Malaysia: Tenaga Nasional

2. Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Stock Symbol: TENAGA [5347]

Market Cap: RM68.23 billion

Revenue: RM50.94 billion

Net Profit: RM4.45 billion

TNB is in the business of the generation and supply of electricity to the country’s power grid.

With this being the 2nd largest company in Malaysia, we are now getting closer to the top dog in the largest companies in Malaysia.

largest companies in Malaysia: Maybank

1. Malayan Banking Berhad

Stock Symbol: MAYBANK [1155]

Market Cap: RM90.83 billion

Revenue: RM52.84 billion

Net Profit: RM8.48 billion

Maybank is Malaysia’s largest bank and largest company by market capitalisation. It is the first company in Malaysia to cross the RM100 billion dollar mark in market cap.

The bank has offices and presence in 20 countries around the world. This is the top 1 of the largest companies in Malaysia.

Key takeaways

While there are tons and tons of companies in Malaysia, it is also good to note the sheer miniscule size of our local companies compared to others. An example is oil and gas company SaudiAramco with a bulging net worth of 1,685 billion USD. When converted to MYR, it is about almost 7,000 billion, which in contrast with Maybank, which only is about 91 billion MYR.

To be a good investor, always remember to trust the numbers, not your guts. Statistics will always triumph against gut feeling.

Now that you have read about the largest companies in Malaysia 2020, make sure to read more investing related content below!


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