13 South Koreans dies after getting flu shot

Flu Shot South Korea
Some 13 million people have had the flu jab in South Korea since last month. Photo: REUTERS

South Korean authorities have tried to reassure people because the number of deaths after receiving seasonal flu vaccine has risen to 13. According to a report by BBC.

The doctor responsible for investigating the deaths said he did not believe there was a connection between the vaccine and the number of deaths.

However, people’s trust in this vaccine plan has declined, and the Korean Medical Association has called for the suspension of this vaccine until its safety is ensured.

So far, approximately 13 million people in South Korea have received the flu vaccine.

The country launched a free flu vaccination program for 19 million eligible people last month as the government tried to avoid a large-scale flu outbreak in response to Covid-19.

An official noticed for the first time a 17-year-old boy who died two days after the flu shot.

The other deaths reported are elderly. At least eight people had underlying diseases in the 70s or 80s.

Professor Kim Jun-kon, who leads the damage investigation team, tried to assure South Koreans the safety of the vaccination plan.

He says that the conclusion of the investigation so far is that the death was not caused by epidemic rhinitis. The post-mortem examination is underway and will also be tested for Covid-19.

This is the second wave of Korea’s vaccination plan.

After it has discovered that about 5 million doses that required refrigeration were transported to the medical facility. It has suspended for three weeks after exposing to room temperature.

None of the dead have received the recalled vaccine.

Professor Kim suggested that the vaccination should continue.

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