13 small actions that make you confident

13 small actions that make you confident

Confident men are the most attractive

13 small actions that make you confident. Whether you are confident or not will be shown through your words, body movements and other hidden communication information. In other words, even now, your heart is still not confident, as long as your external behavior is correct, you can still make girls feel that you are confident and you can still attract her.
And some studies have found that when people express their behavioral state with confidence, the external behavior will in turn affect their inner feelings, making people feel confident.
Sometimes people do not control their behavior by thoughts, but their thoughts are influenced by their behavior.
In other words, when you show confidence, it also affects your heart a little bit, which helps you become truly confident.
Below I will tell you 13 simple and easy-to-operate methods to make you immediately confident.

When meeting a stranger at the party

Immediately take the initiative to introduce yourself. This will immediately get rid of the embarrassment and you will also look more calm and confident. This is unexpected to many buddies, because they will instinctively feel that they will take the initiative to lower the price, which is too enthusiastic.
But this is exactly what many unconfident buddies think about, so they will not take the initiative. The actual situation is just the opposite. You take the initiative to introduce yourself. After the introduction, don’t stick to others. If you take the initiative to quit, girls will feel that you are confident.
On some more formal occasions, when meeting for the first time and approaching each other, take the initiative to reach out and shake hands with each other. Grasp the opponent’s hand firmly, but don’t feel pain. Shake up and down for two or three seconds, then let go.
Don’t shake hands softly or stiffly, it will appear weak and weak.

13 small actions that make you confident

Keep eye contact

especially at the beginning. Throughout the conversation, eye contact should take up at least half of the conversation.
Don’t look at the phone, stare at the floor or look erratic, it will make you nervous, disrespectful, and offensive.

Slow down when speaking

the words will be clearer and the voice will become deeper. You appear to be calm and confident. And slow down a little bit, this reveals that your social status is very high in the hidden communication, which is very attractive to girls.
Because people with high social status tend not to speak too fast. Which leader have you seen snatching lines from subordinates? Have you ever seen a state leader speak quickly? He does not need it! He is of high authority, and everyone else has to wait for him.
When speaking, try to say as little as possible “I’m not sure”, “This is just my personal opinion” or “It is said that it is so, and I am not sure about it.” Otherwise expose your guilty conscience.
For those who are truly self-confident, it is difficult for you to say this from them, because they know that if you can’t express your personal opinions forcefully, then words are almost the same as saying nothing.

When the other person asks you, don’t wait to pick it up right away

Think about it for a second or two before answering to be more relaxed and confident.
Smile often and relax. It is best to laugh in suitable situations (such as when someone says a funny joke or see a funny face, etc.) instead of pretending to be reserved. But don’t keep laughing, it makes you nervous.
When you tell a joke, you must not laugh first. You can look at the other person very confidently without any expression. When the other person laughs, you smile again.

I told a joke, and then I started laughing

Or you can just smirk in the middle of speaking. Or if someone asks you something, you don’t know how to answer, so you have to giggle and wait. These all show that you can’t bear the social pressure, tell a joke, afraid that others will not laugh, afraid of the cold, and fill it up yourself.
When others praise you, smile and say thank you, don’t be too humble or belittle yourself.
Words like “Where is the prize” or “No, I am not good at all” that we Chinese most often talk about are no longer suitable for the current society.
13 small actions that make you confident

Keep your hands out of your pockets

such as placing your hands against the outside of your thighs. This is a more confident posture.
When a person feels uncomfortable or not confident, he will put his hands in his pockets. If you put your hands in your pockets, people who understand will think you are not confident.
When people are anxious, they will subconsciously make small movements and cannot keep quiet, which reveals your tension and unconfidence. So keeping your hands quiet and not doing a lot of small movements will make you appear more confident and full.
When standing, retract your shoulders and sag naturally. If space permits, separate your legs, shoulder-width apart. Don’t think this is a simple action, it can fully demonstrate your confidence

When walking, raise your head and look ahead

Walk a little faster, about 25% faster, which can fully demonstrate your confidence. Normally, people with low self-esteem and depression will keep their heads down and drag their feet when walking. And paying attention to your feet with your head drooping will give people a feeling of reluctance to be approached, which is a kind of unconfidence.
Finally, social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s research shows that “right identity” increases testosterone (a “right” hormone) and reduces cortisol (a “tension” hormone), making us feel confident.
In other words, the “right identity” helps you pretend to be confident until you feel confident. To put it bluntly, it is cosplay. Cos, a person with power, imitates his words and deeds. You can:

Close the office door

(or when there is no one else), sit in the executive chair like a CEO, with your feet on the desk, and your hands folded on the back of your head

On the bus and subway

if it is not crowded, you can raise your legs and place one hand on the back of the chair next to it.
Or, if you own a car, take 5 minutes to raise Erlang’s legs and put one hand on the back of the seat next to it.
After doing this, you will be in a very confident state for a short time
13 small actions that make you confident.
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