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Monday Musings: SOFFURNI Company

Soffurni Company


Welcome to the Monday Musings !

In this episode, TheGenesisTimes invited Liew You Wen who is the founder of Soffurni company to answer some questions such as its background, ideas and some opinion. As an entrepreneur, he honestly answered some questions below and provided some wonderful ideas of his own. Through our “Monday Musings”, we hope that readers can get some inspiration from these questions.

Soffurni EkoCheras

1.Tell us about your startup/company.

The brand “SOFFURNI” (Soft + Furnishing) is a home furnishing retail brand owned by ROLIPOB GROUP Sdn Bhd. SOFFURNI has been established since December 2015 and concentrates on bedroom furniture.

Soffurni Product

The selling product of the Soffurni encompasses beds, sofas, stereos, dining set and so on. It mainly sell the best SPACE AND SENSES products. SPACES includes enclosed bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. And SENSES includes smell and hearing, so we sell aromatherapy and audio. Now we are still developing our business to become a better furniture store. At the same time, the most important thing for us is to let potential customer to know that if they want to buy the best household, they can come to our store.

2. What always motivates you?

Every year, I would like to try some new things or some new challenges. Before I start a new challenge, I will set a goal such as developing the brand or reading some particular book for myself to move forward. Also, I believe that I will to be better by finishing the goal what I set at the year start.

3. What can young entrepreneurs learn from starting a business?
By starting a new business, it may brings lots of the difficulty to the young entreneurs such as financing problem, cash flow or the marketing issues. The young entrepreneurs may not face these challenge in the school or unviersity. Thus, they may have a opportunity to learn the knowledge which school never teach before from the difficulty and practice everything what they have learned to solve the problem and achieve the business’s goals.

Successful Formula

Successful Formula

4. Do you believe there is a certain model or formula to become a successful entrepreneur?
From my opinion, I think that dicipline is the formula for an individual to become a successful entrepreneur. I believe that as long as the people are not lazy, they will keep growing up and will be better than before. This is the compound interest effect.



5. What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest time in?
As an entrepreneurs, I tink that we should work hard and concentrate on the human resources such as employees recruitment, selection, training and retention. It is because a united and powerful team can let the company go further and keep developing.

Soffurni EkoCheras

Soffurni EkoCheras

Moving Forward:

” Do follow us on Facebook Pages which is SOFFURNI or write to us for suggestion or further inquires. Thank you! ”

Phone Number of Soffurni: 012-396 1216

Salesman Phone Number: 017-238 1628

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